Anna Werkmann


“To leave a creative life, we must loose our fear of being wrong”,- Joseph Chilton Pearce.


 I am a Munich-based artist working in various art techniques, such as decoupage, mixed media, factures, artificial surface ageing, and many more.

Having started my career in a “not so creative” office sphere, my soul was calling for an artistic expression, which finally found its way through a new hobby of attending numerous artistic workshops, trying and experimenting with techniques and textures. It was until I have made my step into the Unknown and took an artistic dream course in Florence Art School in Italy in 2016.

Art had transformed my own life and I felt a calling to bring the fulfillment and self-empowerment of creativity into the lives of others. I decided to organise a creative space filled with warmth, inspiration and joy… so a mobile Coolbaba Art Studio was born in 2017.


Coolbaba art classes offer a unique and meaningful community for people seeking an uplifting, fun, and freeing creative home to relieve stress, reconnect within, and express themselves authentically through art and in daily life. I find great joy in sharing my love of art with students of all ages and encourage uninhibited creativity and freedom of expression in my classes. I truly believe in the generative and therapeutic potential for art making, and seek to create a lively and peaceful classroom experience for all levels.