CoolBaba Art Studio

CoolBaba Art Studio is a place where everybody, not depending on age or artistic background, can go to express their feelings, ideas and be creative! Every human is an artist in his soul. You only need to find Your own way to express Yourself, which will fit and fulfil You. CoolBaba Art Studio will be delighted to assist, guide and inspire you on your creative way :)

What do I offer


CoolBaba Art Studio offers a wide range of both group and individual workshops in oder for You to create/try out/master different decorative techniques on Your choice:

  • decoupage on different surfaces (wood, glass, canvas, terracota, metal, etc.)
  • antiquing effects (1-phase, 2-phase cracles, patinas, bitume and wax, shebby chic, etc.)
  • guilding on different surfaces
  • mix media, etc. and many more

Still don’t know what to present to your family, friend, beloved one? Need something for special occasion? But want something unusual and memorable? Than CoolBaba Art Studio is the correct place for you. I will guide you to create a special present with your own hands , which definately will be appreciated by your special person.


Handmade things have their soul, they capture emotions and energies of their creators and pass them to other people, showing how much they mean for us.


CoolBaba Art Studio is not only a place to work, but also a place to relax, enjoy and feel like at home! Here we exchange our thoughts, emotions, ideas, get inspiration, find support among likeminded people, drink luscious tea and coffee and spoil ourselves with sweet delicacy. 

What do you get

  • Under my attentive guidance You will create Your own complete, unique and fully customized masterpiece, which you  can afterwards take home and proudly present to your family and friends. 
  • You will learn and try out new decorative techniques, as well as get along with decorative materials used during the workshop, including useful tips and tricks.
  • You will receive a whole bunch of positive emotions and new experiences which afterwards can be shared at a cup of aromatic tea or coffee at the CoolBaba Art Studio.
  • You will realize Yourself as creator and discover new talents, simply have a nice time and  you will leave the studio refreshed, with good mood and looking forward to come back!
  • Workshops are provided in 5 different languages: German, English, Ukrainian, Russian and of course the most important language of Arts! They typically last 2 to 4 hours.
  • All materials and all you need is provided by CoolBaba Art Studio. The only thing needed to bring along is good mood.

How to sign up

Got a handmade idea or got inspiredContact me via email or phone → Discuss the details→ Book date and time→ Come to CoolBaba Art Studio and get creative.


Arts is priceless, unlike the service of  Your artistic guide :-) 


Individual Workshop: 20 euro / hour incl. all materials and instruments (excl. base material, gold leaf if present in the workshop)

Group Workshop: 15 euro / hour incl. all materials and instruments (excl. base material, gold leaf if present in the workshop)


More questions

Please, do not hesitate to contact me


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